Eddie and Amanda Laub

Eddie and Amanda actually met because of Impact– Eddie as a team leader, and Amanda as an Impact Parent (her son was in the choir for 6 years.)
Eddie is the Administrative Director of the choir. As a youth pastor in Tucson, Eddie has been involved in the choir in some manner for  20+ years. Eddie is also a full time diesel mechanic for a private fleet.  Amanda is our Assistant Director and Booking Coordinator.  She handles putting the schedule together and making sure it works.  Amanda is currently working at a school and going to school to earn her teachers certificate. She is also our master chef (Gordon Ramsey would LOVE her cooking!) – making sure the group is fed on long weekends. She also does an amazing job of sending out mailers and coordinating with churches about upcoming events.       

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Tyler and Ema Grant
The Grants have been involved with Impact since high school - Tyler ran the sound board and Ema sang in the choir. About 15 years later, they are happily married and proud parents of several large dogs. Tyler has been involved in his local church, and also works as a full time automotive technician. Ema is also involved in her local church, and is a licensed mental health therapist.  

These two are a vital part of our team– helping things run smoothly and being available for whatever is needed: whether food prep, store runs, physical labor, or listening to what God is doing in your life. The Grant’s also have several years of experience in working with teenagers, and that helps them be massive assets to our team.

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Tiffany and Kevin Loree

Tiffany and Kevin also met in the Impact choir– both as members of the group when in high school. Tiffany is a teacher and Kevin is a tech /design guru. Tiffany uses her God given skills to help coordinate and plan the events of our Impact weekends, and is absolutely amazing at what she does. Kevin is a major asset to the leadership team, using his energy and skills to keep things moving along in a fun way. The Loree’s have several years of experience of working with teenagers, These two are amazing!

Joell Menefee

Joell began her Impact life as a member of the group while in high school. She is a Pastor on staff at her church, and works with the young adults there. She is also a licensed mental health professional.  She often leads the devotional time of our weekends, challenging and inspiring the teens.   

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The AZNYI Impact team has a strong history of having amazing volunteer leaders, and our current group of leaders is no different. Something our leaders share is a passion for pointing teenagers to a deeper relationship with Jesus.

In an effort to help keep the youth entrusted to our care protected, all of our leaders are background checked and go through the
Ministry Safe program.