Eddie and Amanda Laub

Eddie and Amanda actually met because of Impact– Eddie as a travel groupie, and Amanda as a Impact Parent.
Eddie is the Administrative Director of the choir.  As a youth pastor in Tucson, Eddie has been involved in Impact in some manner for  20+ years.

Amanda is our Booking Coordinator.  She handles putting the schedule together and making sure it works.  She is also our master chef (Gordon Ramsey would LOVE her cooking!) – making sure our group is fed on long weekends. She also does an amazing job of sending out mailers and coordinating with churches about upcoming events.   

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2018-2019 Impact Choir Leadership Team

Tyler and Ema Grant
The Grants have been involved with Impact since high school - Tyler ran the sound board and Ema sang in the choir. About 18 years later, they are happily married and proudly provide a home for 6.2 dogs.  

Tyler is still Impact’s resident sound man, coordinating set up and tear down of equipment, and helping the group sound their best. Ema helps Amanda with meals for the choir members, meets with the students individually to connect and discuss their faith journey, and also is the regular Starbucks-runner for the leadership team. 

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Tiffany and Kevin Loree

Tiffany and Kevin also met in Impact– both as members of the choir while in high school.  They are new puppy parents to Sadie, so be sure to ask them about her!

Joell Menefee

Joell began her Impact life as a member of the choir while in high school.   Her and her daughter are sure to make quite the impact on our group this year! (see what I did there???)

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William & Laura Flemming

William started in the choir learning the sound tech, and is now a vital part of our sound team. Laura is our newest addition to our leadership team, and is quickly proving to be worth her salt. Since getting married, William has purchased a car that has a permanent steering wheel!  Laura is a good influence on him!


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